From The Ground Up: Benefits From The Borehole In Esinoni



In the community of Esinoni, 95% of households lack access to a stable source of safe drinking water. As a result, women and girls in the community are forced to trek a staggering 15 kilometers away in order to retrieve water for their household needs.


In order to change the situation, WE/Free The Children started a project of implementing a borehole to provide the more than 1,200 community members with access to clean drinking water. 


And WE/Free The Children constructed a borehole in the community recently and community members excited about the borehole in Esinoni.




Since the structure was built closer to the community, through the borehole, community members can access to clean water, reducing the travel times and freeing up more time to be spent on other activities, like children going to school or parents focusing on activities to supplement the household income. 



And now WE/Free The Children is working on building some water kiosks within the community and forming the community’s Water Management Committee. The Water Management Committee is consisted of a group of community members. WE/Free The Children is giving some seminars to train the members of the Water Management Committee to manage the water system in their community.

In the end, we would like to express our appreciation for financial support from TOTO Water Environment Foundation. Thanks to their support, WE/Free The Children started the water project in Esinoni. 


We would like to thank all the other donors and supporters for this project.


Thank you for your support, Ayanodai elementary school.

We got pictures from Philippines,  kids in PREDA foundation are using PCs that are donation from Ayanodai elementary school.


Recently,We recieved donation for PREDA foundation from Ayanodai elementary school.

There is a field to raising Organic vegetables at Ayanodai elementary school.

Students are taking care of the field, and harvest crops and they are selling the crops at schools.

And they donated earnings for Free The Children Japan.


Preda foundation that we support said need computers so, they bought 2 computers by using donation.


Kids in Preda foundation are using computers to improve computer skills and to do their home work.


Ayanodai elementary school,

Thank you so much for your support.





 We the staff and children at the Preda Foundation in the Philippines send to you our deepest feelings of solidarity and sympathy  for your trauma and loss at the recent earthquake. It is a terrible tragedy,

We know and send condolences and sorrow that  more than 40 people were killed and more than 100,000 were displaced after two powerful earthquakes  hit Kumamoto prefecture and many buildings were damaged during the quake and landslides, including homes, businesses, and hospitals.

We can tell you that we are praying and sending our friendship  to give you  strength and support in this  sad and challenging time .

All of us at Preda Children Homes and Save the children Japan are in total solidarity with you.We in friendship want to be there to help but we are not possible,yet we are with your in friendship and in spirit.

Your strength and  power to cope with this challenge makes you stronger survivors and  with greater  courage and bravery   to help others.

From all of us at  the Preda Foundation, Olongapo ,Philippines  we are with you .

Father Shay Cullen ,Preda team and the children