Media Listing Information

We are glad to inform all of you who are always supporting us about our latest media listing!
Free the Children Japan will appear in two school textbooks, civics textbooks and English books in junior high school, from April in this 2016.
Actually, we have shown on school textbooks for approximately 10 years.
An example is below: The civics textbook for senior students in junior high school

This book has information about Craig Kielburger and Free the children, and an article written on school construction in 2001(especially, our chief Haramoto was appeared here as one of volunteer students!) 

Fortunately, we also could be listed these two books 『中学生公民教科書』(清水書院) and 『英語教科書 ONE WORLD』(教育出版)in this year.

In addition to these books, we offer several types of books such as learning tools to know about child labor and how to act with social issues. Furthermore, we are happy to give you some advices about introduction method in school. Please feel free to contuct us.

This Year's Chocolate Project Has Begun!

We're happy to announce that our annual chocolate project, or “Choco-Pro” for short,
has officially begun!

What is Choco-Pro exactly?
Essentially, it's a unique opportunity for FTCJ members to challenge themselves creatively while also helping change the world!
Targeted specifically for our members in junior high school,
they are given complete creative control of this project.
Everything from the creation of package design and advertisements to packaging
and selling the chocolate is completely up to them. The chocolate sold is called
“Amani” and is provided by Chidoriya, a well know sweets maker in Japan.
The proceeds raised are then donated for the purpose of supporting the Kenyan city of Narok.
New members began planning this year's Choco-Pro last October and have decided on Printems Ginza as the location at which they will be selling their chocolate. After much trial and error, they are steadily getting ready for the big day!


FTCJ members packaging chocolate for this year's Choco-Pro.

About Amani Chocolate
 The chocolate we sell is called Amani. 
Amani is Swahili for “peace”. Swahili,
by the way, is one of the official languages of Kenya.


Although the chocolate we sell remains the same, every year the packaging and tags are redesigned, giving each year's Choco-Pro it's own unique look and style. Amani chocolate comes in two flavors, milk chocolate and strawberry.
Each package is 200 yen and contains three pieces of chocolate.

Where Does The Money Go?

This year 68% of all proceeds will go to the Kenyan city of Narok where it will be used to support and encourage things like occupational and leadership training.

About Kenya And Narok
Kenya is a country located in Africa. As of 2013 an estimated 56% of all Kenyans were living on one dollar or less a day. In the city of Narok, 1/3 of all children are born malnourished and/or physically under developed. Donating helps more than just the current situation, it also helps change the behavior and thinking of local residents. In this way, our effort and support can have a long lasting effect on the city and it's people.
Being able to support Kenya's proud culture, customs and traditions is one the benefits of donating to Narok but our main goal is to get young people to think more economically. Learning how to budget is crucial among other skills and one of our focuses. With the money donated we can encourage occupational and leadership training as well. Furthermore, it supports the production of handmade crafts made in Kenya. These crafts are then sold in Japan by FTCJ and the proceeds go back to the people.

If you want to help out with this year's Choco-Pro, it's not too late, please join us!
NOW We're selling chocolates online, please visit here

FTCJ Online Store:


Please support our project to help build classrooms and schools in the Philippines!

In November of 2013, the Philippines was directly struck by Super Typhoon Hayain. The enormous, large scale typhoon made its way through the central island of Leyte leaving approximately 6,000 dead, 18,000 injured, and 1,600 missing. To make matters worse, over 70,000 houses were severely damaged, forcing families to live perpetually without homes in emergency shelters. Since then, the Philippines has been struck by numerous other large scale typhoons making the rebuilding of homes and schools a long and arduous task.


One of the areas continuously affected is Ormoc City in the Philippine province of Leyte. In Ormoc City, the lack of classrooms at a particular public elementary school has become a problem for local children wishing to attend school. And, because of repeated damage from typhoons, the local government has not been able to secure the necessary funds to build additional classrooms.


Therefore, together with the local government of Ormoc City, FTCJ is hoping to help with the construction of classrooms for the elementary school. To date, and thanks to your support, we have been able to raise money for this project. Unfortunately, because of weakened exchange rates, we have found ourselves in need of an additional 600,000 yen


We humbly ask for your support to ensure that the children who have been affected time and time again by these typhoons can have a chance to continue their studies and further their education.


We are currently accepting donations via bank transfer at your convenience. When making your bank transfer, please make sure to specify the purpose of your donation!


Bank Transfer:  Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Ueno Branch 536052

Account Name:  トクヒ)フリーザチルドレン


Post Office Tranfer:  Account Number 00120-5-161532

Account Name:  フリーザチルドレンジャパン


If you have question are unclear about certain details, please fill out the following form with any inquiries you may have.